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Halls of Residence Network (Hornet)

Welcome to Hornet

Help, Support & Account Management

Please log in above to access the Hornet Support Request page and to manage your account details. Once logged in you can:

  • Log a request for help and support with Hornet
  • Contact the Hornet Rep assigned your problem
  • Tell us when you are going to be in – so we can fix your problem
  • View your current and fixed problems
  • Change your computers MAC [physical] Address
  • Edit your contact details

Prospective Hornet Users

Please make sure you have followed the steps on the Hornet Welcome pages. Failure to correctly setup and secure your computer will mean that it either won't work or that you may not be connected for long!

To get connected with Hornet you need to have the following information:

  • Hall Name & Room Number
  • A contact telephone number
  • Preferably your University of Manchester email address
  • University of Manchester username if relevant [e.g. mfvx4xyz]
  • Your computers MAC [physical] Address [e.g. 00-3A-12-32-14-FD]


What do I do...

If my MAC Address is already in use?

There is a known issue with Hornet users running Windows Vista.

If you are being told your MAC Address is already in use please refer to the Hornet website at http://hornet.manchester.ac.uk to find details of how to resolve this issue (http://hornet.manchester.ac.uk/archives/267).

If I do not get the verification email?

If you do not get the verification email it is due to the email bouncing. You must make sure that the email address you enter or that is automatically entered works before you try and register.

If you have registered and have not received the email you can remove yourself from the system and add yourself again which will regenerate the email.

To do this you need to go through the registration processes, once the system finds you as a pending user it will give you the option to remove yourself from the system.

If I entered an incorrect MAC address?

You can change this yourself once you are registered. Log into the portal and click on update details. The MAC address is also known as your physical address. Your connection will not work unless your MAC address is correct. For more information please read the Hornet welcome pages.

If I have registered in the wrong room?

Please inform your halls reception and ask them to move you.

If my room is not available from the list?

First double check, it’s easy to miss! If you still cannot find it you must inform your halls reception that you cannot find your room and they will give you further information.

If I cannot log on using my University username and password?

Make sure you are trying to login to the Hornet Portal. Your Username and Password will not work if you have not fully registered. You must make sure you have self registered and can login to a cluster on campus. You must have clicked 'register now' above and followed the steps to join Hornet before you can use login box on this page.

If you are still having problems logging in, you can manage your IT account using the iam.manchester.ac.uk website and reset your password.

If I need Help?

First and foremost you must read all of the information on the Hornet Welcome Pages. This will tell you how your computer should be set up and what steps you need to follow. If you still have a problem it will also tell you the process for reporting a problem.

What is a MAC address?

MAC: Media Access Control. A MAC address is used to uniquely identify an individual network device. Each phone, laptop, PDA, xbox, ps3, network card has its only mac address. We use it in our system to identify each student's computer.

Hornet is a service delivered by The University of Manchester